Net Marketing Direct is the brain child of successful marketer Tony Tanner, having had a long and successful career in sale and marketing right from graduating from school.

The, what I like to call “The John Dickinson Effect”. As a teenager in the sixties I found it hard to settle down and find my vocation in life, but I knew though that I needed a job. My father was discharged from the army having suffered as a German P.O.W. As a result, was an unskilled labourer, and worked hard. We both worked at the same place and one day I was late for work having been out late the night before and my father had left for work without me.

On my arrival I was summoned to the office as was normal for lateness and was given such a dressing down for bad time keeping, but in the sixties in the UK, work was easy to come by and therefore as a young lad, I didn’t really appreciate the form of employment that I had. My father had heard of my plight and came searching for me, I just happened to be walking through the company showroom when he found me. Realizing that I might be in for another roasting, I stayed in the showroom where I knew my father wouldn’t be able to make a spectacle of me, though I could see that he wasn’t happy.

I drew my father’s attention to a salesman there named John Dickinson who was well thought of and received, he was just a little older than me, but also a bad time keeper, and remonstrated with my father “How come he gets away with it?” My dad took me to one side where there was a brand new piece of machinery that was the flag ship of the company’s products, it was worth thousands. My dad said to me “See this,” Of course! I replied a little nonchalantly.  John Dickinson can sell three of those, while your stood there still looking at it. It wasn’t the “Dawning of the age of Aquarius” but it was a powerful message that I needed to take on board. From that day on I realised that a man is only paid what he is worth and that in comparison I wasn’t even in the running.

I stayed with that company a further two years and I started to realise that with the help of John Dickinson, there was a future for me in sales and marketing. I left there for a job in sales and marketing in the same industry. Throughout my career I worked in the UK as a Sales Manager for Rotel Hifi, Shure Microphones, and Goodman Loudspeakers, eventually running my own marketing company UTT Associates, working in the hospitality trade mostly with Whitbreads.

In 2005, as the Internet beckoned Net Marketing Direct was born, Since then we have made inroads into this somewhat complicated form of marketing but with a lot of success maintaining an average of 80% of clients claiming first page status on the search engines such as Google.

It was also soon realised that in Internet Marketing, there are pitfalls that most people make and as such we’ve seen them all. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that our products and services have been honed in to avoid such pitfalls, and as such with over 40 years of experience, (Ten on the Internet) have been able identify what really works successfully in this modern marketing management.