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When it comes to web designing in the Leeds area, nobody is more definitive than Net Marketing Direct. From the very outset, web sites are designed with just one thing in common, Massive Traffic Attraction. Of course, it goes without saying that each web site is massively measured against the WC3 guidelines, yet in this cut throat dog eat dog environment, bowing down to search engine cravings is not the priority of Net Marketing’s marketing strategy. Community building has a much stronger appeal.

All web sites created by Net Marketing Direct are of a CMS nature, this allows each individual client, to have their say in what is posted on their web site in a definitive way. The secret behind the success of this strategy lies well within the pages of the admin files. Individual pieces of software are installed which enable the algorithms of the overall program of the web site that seeks to co-exist with all of the web 2.0 properties of the Internet. Culminating in the spreading of their marketing message throughout the realms of the Internet world like wild fire, whilst at the same time satisfying the Pandering of search engine perceived obstacles that dog the rest of the industry.


Mobile Compliant.

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As of 21st of April 2015, it appears that some of the major search engines are to drop web sites that are not responsive to mobile technology. How that might affect the search Engine Results pages, (SERP’s) still remains to be seen. This means that spending a lot of time tweaking this and developing that just to satisfy the SERP’s may well not render results in months, therefore a different tack may well be of a benefit.


Email Marketing.

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It has long been established that, when you give a web site visitor an opportunity to engage in some way they will respond, Email marketing is done in such a way, that the benefactor is eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the email process that he/she awaits with anticipation. When the recipient is eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the email process, you can very quickly start to appreciate the benefits of the process. The email system is operated right from with the admin pages so there is no need for outside entities such as Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp.

Implanted in the Admin area, Videos that make the web site owner aware of what’s available to him as a strategic marketing process, within only a few days the web owner starts to appreciate just how successful his decision to go with Net Marketing Direct has been justified.


Interactive Response with Social Engagement.

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Since the advent of Social web sites such as Twitter, Linked IN and Facebook. Interaction with prospects through the corridors of these facilities, has enhanced the awareness of our clients to just how much business can be drawn from Social Media. As already stated, community building is becoming the number one process of one to one engagement. Throughout the expertise of Net Marketing Direct Social process, which we might admit, took years to perfect, and again instigated from within the admin pages of the web sites definitive marketing process that is far outreaching that of our competitors. Clients are realizing for the first time just how much of a marketing time bomb they are sitting on.


Mobile Business Apps

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The next time, you have a chance to while away your; “me time” on Facebook, just allow your eyes to run across to the right of your wall to see just how many of your friends are using smart phone or tablet technology to surf the net. It’s now understood that this technology will be the prime way that users surf the net for the foreseeable future. This of course means that all businesses must be in that end of the market if they are to make any meaningful inroads into this media. Our Mobile Business apps are hard to beat as they are at the very cutting edge of technology. Interacting with clients and prospects alike through a mobile app is so personal, engaging and successful, as well as being very affordable since it is free for the app user to be involved. now means that every aspect of one on one engagement is now covered. all of our web sites have to ability to interact with mobile apps.


Video Marketing.

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Video marketing is another very successful way of engaging with web site visitors. for a start, keeping visitors who perhaps have landed on your web site by mistake, long enough to defeat the panda report of time laps, as well as at the same time ensuring of being aware, that clients are far more likely to buy into your services, once they have watched an informative video, than those sites that don’t support this marketing strategy. All of these marketing gems are embedded at the very seat of our admin area, as standard, as a reminder to our clients of just how many strings of marketing pearls are open to them.


Keeping our Clients Up to Date with Events

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Another feature that NMD are proud of the way that we keep an eye on all of the Social Sites, Forums, Blogs and review site monitoring just what folks are actually talking about. Just where is the market place going, is someone dissatisfied with a product that one of our client may be associated with. Being forearmed in this way will enable clients to be in a position to overcome any obstacles that might befall them in their daily process. If the client is directly involved we can then assist him in other ways of defending their own reputation should it be necessary.

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